Friday, February 6, 2009

Theology Snack #2

Last week, we began a new study to define some of the terms we see or hear from time to time. Some are harder to grasp than others. I hope this series of posts will prompt you to think, possibly discuss, and most importantly grow in your knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Grace - the unmerited favor of God provided to His creation for the purpose of restoration.

Although Christians agree on the above definition, there are many disputes as to how restoration takes place, what caused the "divide", and what mankind can do about it (if anything). In the near future, we'll take a look at the times of grace and how God uses those times for His glory.

Anything you want to add here? Any stories of grace in your life you want to share?


Dustin said...

I'm reminded of a song by Point of Grace entitled "Saving Grace." The story unfolds about a young girl who is named Grace. The chorus is as such.

"It's all about saving grace
All about living love Being Jesus to those he came to save Sharing life and giving our own away It's all about serving God All about saving Grace"

I like this thought because the message is twofold. We see a young girl who is struggling to get by and in desperate need of love, compassion and to be shown God's grace. But just look at it through a different set of eyes and it speaks that we all need this grace. The grace of love, sharing, salvation, God's grace.

Many times in our life we will be like the girl Grace and be in need of someone to share their life with us so we can find the path of grace once again. There will also be times that we will share our life and share God's grace with others.

Today you may be a vessel of God's grace while tomorrow you feel as if you are lost and alone just as Grace did.

As men and women of God we know there is hope but many people are living without this hope, we must live life that reflects the ministry of Christ so others can see God through us and God can use us to rain grace down up those who find themselves walking the same path Grace did.

Crowm said...

Welcome Dustin!

I know the song well. Shae (my wife) is a huge POG fan. Good song with a great message.

As Christ moved about in his public ministry and provided hope and restoration for those whom He came in contact, so it is our mission as His bride to do the same. I think you say it well.


nAncY said...

grace, it is even a nice sounding word to me.