Friday, May 2, 2008

A Portrait of Jesus

I remember growing up and seeing the half profile of a white bearded man with long hair. The picture was always hung in a prominent place. I was told the picture was that of Jesus.

Chances are, you've seen the same picture or something very similar. There wasn't a blemish on his face. In fact, if a picture could be perfect, this was it.

In the Gospels we read of Jesus and his humanity. He grew up as a typical Jewish child. In other words, he stubbed his toe, hit his hand with a hammer, probably didn't shave everyday, and may have even talked back to Mary. Oh yeah! He wasn't a white American male either.

When I realized that for the first time, my hopes were crushed. Jesus died for me. He had me in mind when he gave up his Spirit. At least, that was what I'd been led to believe. He had to be a white middle class American right? The picture I had in my mind (looking much like the portait I'd been raised on) had been crushed.

Is that your picture of Jesus? Does he just identify with people like you? Does he talk like you? Does he walk like you? Does he dress like you?

If so, maybe it's time for a spiritual spring cleaning.

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Anonymous said...

Mike says, My Jesus is perfect!! He is in heaven at the side of God. He was made perfect when he entered? When you enter you will be perfect also and even me. He loves me and aint it grand!