Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Someone to Kick My Butt (Relationship #3)

"If you want a life of peace and quiet, then don't follow Jesus." Sweet, 62

Jethro kicked Moses out of his comfort zone and got him on track to follow God's mission. A vital relationship in my life is a Jethro. My Jethro sees the potential in me and is unwilling to allow me to just "coast" through life. As Sweet would say, "He's my spiritual butt-kicker."

Recently, our local church has been challenged about being intentional in excellence. If Christ gave all, why should we be satisfied with mediocrity, with half-hearted spirituality, with "just going through the motions"?

In our individual lives, we face the same temptations. A Jethro observes potential and then pushes, prods, encourages, or even kicks, for the purpose of helping me be the person God intended. A Jethro knows my spiritual goals, and wants to help me get there. Jethro is not so concerned about flattery as he/she is about growth.

Who is your Jethro? Sadly, many of us aren't so intentional about our spiritual growth that we have a Jethro. Now may be the time for you to find someone who cares enough about you and your future to be your spiritual butt-kicker.

I don't think I'm so different than most. I'm hard-headed, at times prideful, and pretty comfortable with individuality - especially when it comes to something as important as spiritual growth. That's why being intentional about a Jethro is so important.


Ted M. Gossard said...

Good to find a Jethro, Mike! I agree! Moses was blessed of God in that.

It's so important for people to maintain good fellowship with a church, but I'm thinking that at my age I need to apply some of that "butt kicking" to others. I can be an encourager, but I need to get some wisdom and skill in a kind of butt kicking that can help.

Of course we must be careful, as Scripture tells us, how we help others, depending on where they're at (1 Thessalonians has a passage on that, or is it 2?). And I could use someone to do it to me. I've been wanting to find an older fellow for this. But like you say, one might be a bit fearful that their individual freedom might be compromised. And I know what you mean there, I'm afraid.

Thought provoking post, Mike. Thanks.

Mike said...

Thanks for the post Ted.

Most of the time, it seems my Jethro has been older than I. But I think you'll agree, spiritual maturity is much more important than age.

You make a good point in that discernment (how to and when to help) is so important. Just as our kids, some respond well to certain things while others would be offended by the exact same advice/help.

Tomorrow: Timothy the Protege

Blessings Brother!