Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Godly Vision

Around the start of a new year, many times we're encouraged to reflect on God's will for our lives - specifically, what God's will is for the next year. I believe God has a general will for mankind (ie salvation etc.) and a specific will (ie a "calling" God places on one's life). It's the latter that must be evaluated on a constant basis. And based upon the evaluation, perhaps changes need to take place.

God places dreams or visions in our lives (short-term and long-term). And when one walks in God's will to realize those dreams or visions, there's no better feeling. Many times, however, my experience has been I drift to the right or left on the proverbial road of life. And it's only through an honest evaluation which includes prayer and fasting that I'm convicted to redirect my path to God's will.

Our church is currently studying the book of Nehemiah. I'm amazed at this faithful man who should at least be considered a spiritual mentor. When Nehemiah learns the immense challenge of God's people remaining in Jerusalem, he prays, fasts, and seeks God's will. After determining Nehemiah's role in God's plan, he arrives in Jerusalem and waits three more days, before evaluating the situation with his own eyes.

At first glance, it might appear Nehemiah to be dragging his feet or perhaps lazy. But a deeper study reveals Nehemiah to be more concerned about God's timing, rather than jumping in and eventually failing. Often times, we have huge dreams or visions about what we will do for God. Perhaps a better question is "What will God have me do?" In other words, the visionary changes from me to Him.

Just some thoughts. Now yours?


Anonymous said...

Brother, I feel like a cat chasing my own tail. My life has been just one big circle. I get to thinking I know which direction I need to go and then someone or something makes me alter my course. I know that I just don't have enough conviction to stay the course. My wife always says that I am a good man,and I never fail to let her down. No-one can carry my cross,not enough faith I guess.

Crowm said...


I understand your frustration. When God summons us (and we make those decisions for him) Satan hates it and attempts to do everything he can to destroy us or our spiritual growth. I would also say it's not about how strong your conviction is. It's about letting God fight the battle for you. God gives you all the faith you need. You just have to allow it to grow as he protects you.

Hope to see you this week!

Ted M. Gossard said...

Good thoughts, Mike. I probably need to hear this as much as anyone. I don't worry about specifics in a way, but yet I do. Blessings on you and on the people you are pastoring, in God's leading and on your/our following.

Anonymous said...

Brother, when you are right you are right! I have always been the kind of guy that fights his own battles, thinking anyone who has to ask for help is not worth his own salt. Could I have been wrong all these years? ha,ha. Maybe I have been fighting the wrong person all along. Follow your heart? Maybe it's good advice after all. Thanks for your time.

Anonymous said...

I have a friend that, on more than one occasion , has shared how God spoke to him about decisions. At first I thought, man, you are pretty special to be getting this guidance. Then after thinking about it more, I now believe he is just a better listener. Maybe I should listen closer!