Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pray For Unity

This is a day many Americans have hoped for. Forty years after Dr. Martin Luther King inspired people during the Civil Rights revolution, the United States will inaugurate its first African American President. With the message of hope, Barak Obama has inspired young and old to be a part of change. Today's inauguration will be the largest in the history of our great nation.

In recent years, chasms have become more evident. Disputes have risen between races, socio-economic classes, geographic regions, etc. It's days like today that give each of us hope - hope that tomorrow will be better than today, that disputes will be less important than peace, and hope that defining a person by what they wear, where they come from, or how much money they make is not tolerated.

You see, we're all in this together. My success is based on interdependence. I need you. And most likely, you need me as well. We are truly created for community. Today is another chance to redefine our community. It's time for inclusion.

Whether you find yourself in the majority or the minority in the political realm, Barak Obama will be our president. Agreements or disagreements in policy will come. But at the end of the day, will we as Americans rise above and strive for a better place for our children? After the parties are over, the people return home, and go back to work, what then?

I sincerely pray for unity. May we always realize our hope is found in Jesus Christ.

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