Friday, January 30, 2009

A Theology Snack

One of the things I hope God uses this blog to do is encourage readers (as few as they are) to learn something. I hope to start a mini-theopedia to provide a definition for theological terms. The definition I provide is by no means the end all. In fact, I'm going to rely on Van Harvey's The Handbook of Theological Terms among others. I won't post paragraph after paragraph. However, I do hope the discussion starters will lead to some healthy dialogue. Hopefully, this weekly post will educate and encourage.

So here goes:

Faith = Faith is seen throughout Christian thought in one of two ways. 1) belief in some truth or something about the past; or 2) an orientation of the total person that may include belief but is best defined as trust, confidence, or loyalty. Theopedia states that a Reformed definition of saving faith must include knowledge and an assent to an aspect of trust.

The writer of Hebrews is clear about faith (11:1, 6). These are definitely verses to be considered.

What would you add, subract, or modify, in regards to your own definition of faith? Any examples of where you used that faith or where your faith has increased?


Anonymous said...

good idea...i hope to get back to you on this.

Anonymous said...

i wonder what comes first, belief or faith. i really think that belief comes and then faith is what is continually given to keep belief alive as it continues to become more and more a part of me weaving, thread by thread, into all that i am.

belief is very much the same as trust. belief in the Father, His Son and His Spirit comes very much from heart knowledge for me, even though that is connected to head knowledge as well.

Anonymous said...

You know a while back I was thinking that it would be niced if the Crow would define like he would do when he preached, from time to time. I think it is useful and provocative. Most of us keep Webster's on our desk, if we study it seems like a good idea to have a theological dictionary. Fow years I kept a Greek to English to help me when I read and studied.

I think this is super and I know how much it helped me in the past.

So says Mike, Where's my patato soup recipe?????

Crowm said...

Hey Nancy!

Your question of "Which comes first belief or faith?" is a tough one. I believe in a Prevenient Grace. In other words, God loves us and reaches out to mankind, prior to any "formal" relationship. God invites us to have faith.

Belief on the other hand is acting upon the faith we have. In other words, why say you believe in something and not allow it to change your life? This is where many of us (American/Post-Moderns) hate the idea of commitment to something(one) other than ourselves.

That's the best I could do in a short space. I hope this makes sense. Thanks for the visit.

Crowm said...

Hey Mike!

I do hope the "theological snacks" will be beneficial. Let me know what you think from time to time.


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