Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Amazing Love

A small group I'm involved in has been studying the book of Hosea. Today, we look at the restoration of Israel. The restoration is based on nothing but God's grace and love. Considering that Israel continued to turn their "back" on God, it's amazing that He continues to love them.

You've probably noticed I've been reading through Ezekiel during my time alone with God. The similarities with Hosea are numerous. God points to life. Israel rebels and does her own thing. The consequences are harsh but deserving. Israel is restored in chapter 36.

I'm currently preaching through some of the Psalms. I was led to Psalm 90 for this week. The Psalmist declares God and His prominence, power, and providence. The people of God have been unfaithful and see God as the faithful One. The Psalm is concluded by praying for God's deliverance.

I mention these as a group for a reason. Regarding the similarities, I don't believe it's a coincidence. God's grace is made new to me everyday. Even though I continue to choose my ways over God's ways, God restores that which is lost. Even though I'm undeserving, God continues to provide life. Wow! It seems so simple to say, "What an amazing love."

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