Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday Fodder

Every Friday, I've decided to post a little "fodder." Fodder, for those of you who don't know, is food (most of the time coarse food for livestock). The idea is to provide questions for you to chew on. In other words, why do we do what we do? Why do you believe what you believe? How does it affect your life? goes.

Tradition: Good, Bad, or indifferent? Is tradition something that should be a part of the Church? Are there traditions that you participate in but wouldn't "push" on someone else?

Tell me what ya think!

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Brad Wright said...

Interesting idea... having thinking-questions every week. I like it.

As far as traditions, I can't imagine a church (or any group) not having them. I think that would mean we have to recreate how we do things every time--it would be exhausting.

Churches certain vary in the rigidity of their traditions--can they be changed or not? I definitely gravitate toward "can change" churches--just out of personal preference, though, not any core belief.

Good question.