Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Sovereignty of God

Some of you know I meet with some "Senior Saints" on Wednesday afternoons. Our conversations tend to be passionate about what they've been taught for many years, biases (theirs and mine) and how might those things be or not be a reflection of Christ. Yesterday was no exception.

We were discussing tragedy and the conversation turned to the Sovereignty of God. The discussion seemed to center on one important question. "Does God cause tragedies or does He allow them to happen?" Among those that were most vocal, there seemed to be an even split as to how many held each belief.

On the one hand, God's Sovereignty was defined as God being the creator and originator of all things. In other words, God is responsible for all we see so that He will be glorified. On the other hand, the argument was "God allows man free choice." In other words, God's creation was perfect, but because of man's free choice, God allowed man to "mess it up."

I take the latter view. I believe wholeheartedly that God gives man free choice to accept or reject His grace and love. I believe Adam and Eve came to a "fork in the road", when tempted by the serpent. Life was found on one path (obedience to God); death waited for them on the other (disobedience). After choosing the wrong path and experiencing the consequences, mankind has been incapable of life as it was intended. It's for that reason that man needs a Savior.

I understand my "Sovereigntists" friends would disagree. I hear them saying, "Allowing man a choice is existential or humanistic." I respectfully respond, "In allowing man to choose, God doesn't forfeit His sovereignty. He's still God and God alone. It's when man is given a choice and makes the right decision (obedience to God) that God is glorified all the more.

Take your blood pressure medication and let me hear your "beef".

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