Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I've been wondering something. Maybe you can help me out. How dangerous is apathy? Is it more or less dangerous in the church?

Recently, I was reminded of how Satan attacks. Many believers believe Satan to "play fair." To think Satan is on the "up and up" is pretty foolish. Satan rarely attacks from the front. He attacks from the side and the rear more often. Worse yet, if Satan can get believers to think no attack is coming at all, he's close to victory.

I'm convinced that apathy is one of the many ploys Satan uses to attract believers. How many of us are sitting in churches just "going through the motions"? How many of us are sitting in church because that's just what we do? How many of us think church is a building somewhere? How many of us are passionate about hobbies, our favorite sports team, or our families and yet the passion wanes when it comes to a relationship with Christ?

Since Adam and Eve ate from the tree, there's been something missing. The problem is mankind isn't really sure what that something is. We attempt to fill the void with things of the world. When those things don't work, we relegate ourselves to complacency and apathy.

Could it be that apathy is even more dangerous than doing something wrong? Thoughts?


J. Brent Bullock said...

Absolutely! Apathy is very dangerous. Apathy lies in the cycle of apostasy that has plagued the Israelites and the Christian church for millennia. We go from despair to repentance to blessing and prosperity, to apathy and apostasy. The blessing of prosperity leads to pride and self-reliance, which breeds apathy and apostasy. Remaining balanced in our perspective on the world and the hereafter is a continuous fight.

My question is this, “How do we lead people out of apathy?”, “How do we inspire?”, “How do we show others a vision, a hope, and a lifestyle that inspires enthusiasm for God and His church?”

Apathy is dangerous and prevalent. What would the Lord have us do to crush it?

Mike said...

Thanks for the post Brent. I think you're exactly right about prosperity leading to self-reliance etc.

Our task is to explain the vision, life, and hope that's possible only in Christ. Thankfully, it's God who does the changing.

We have to constantly remind ourselves and others of the life prior to Christ and the LIFE with Christ. In other words, the atonement is new for us each and everyday.

Anonymous said...

Apathy and dust are much the same accept that you will be able to plant something in dust one day!

Mike said...

Deeeep Anon. Interested in philosophy?