Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Check'em Out!

A couple of people have enjoyed the blog (or so they say). I'm glad you check it out and try to understand what's bouncing around in my head.

Let me also attempt to get you to check out a couple of my favorite blogs.

Brent Bullock has several blogs. I follow www.knowtheblessing.blogspot.com

Brandon Groome (a good friend who pastors Town West Church in Taylor) is now blogging. It looks like the intent is to give the church a "heads up" on what they'll be discussing. But he also has posts that make you think. Check it out at www.crossexamined.wordpress.com

Jesus Creed is a blog that deals with theology, life, and the church in general. The author is Scot McKnight, a professor in the Chicago area. Needless to say, I spend alot of time here. www.jesuscreed.com

For your convenience, all three are listed on the "Blogroll" on the upper left hand corner of As The Crow Flies. Enjoy!

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