Thursday, April 10, 2008


This is an area of life where we aren't comfortable. Check out the "Secrets" post at

Accountability is returning to the way things are supposed to be - transparency, honesty, integrity. That's why it makes fallen man uncomfortable. We really are used to hiding parts of our lives from others.

I ran across the following accountability questions. Are you willing to be this honest?

1. Have you spent time in God's word and in prayer at least 5 times this week?
2. Have you shown your spouse the affection that God asks since last time we met?
3. Have you spent quality time with your children?
4. Have you lost your temper since the last time we met?
5. Have you found yourself lusting after anyone since we last met?
6. Have you looked at porn?
7. Have you honored God with your finances (what you've kept, what you've spent)?
8. Have you eaten healthy? exercised?
9. Have you misrepresented any of your answers?
10. What areas do you need prayer?

Again, are you willing to be this honest? Am I?

John the Baptist said, "He must increase, but I must decrease."

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Anonymous said...

ME says..I may need an ccountant
to keep track of a couple of these! That anger on always trips me up and food. 5 seems a little generic?

Ok I shouldn't make lite of a serious subject. This list ia just fraction of those we should ask.