Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Qualifying the Called

I was on the way home from church Sunday when asked by my four year-old son, "When did Jesus die?" Usually, he's concerned about "Who's playing?" while referring to the football or baseball game on. In other words, I was somewhat surprised when he asked the question. I've included the dialogue here.

Christian: When did Jesus die?

Dad: Oh...about two thousand years ago. A long time ago.

Christian: And then he came alive again?

Dad: That's right. After three days, Jesus was alive again. And he talked to his friends and family.

Christian: Why did those men kill him?

Dad: Because they were mean. They didn't like him. He said he was God.

Christian: Dad, where's Jesus?

Dad: In heaven. And one day he's coming here again.

Christian: Oh. Wanna play football when we get home?
I was reminded of an old song - maybe by Ray Bolz. Thank you for giving to the Lord. The song talks about the importance of Sunday school teachers, volunteers, etc. It's really a powerful song.
I thank God often for those who had an impact on my life as a child. The foundation they laid (through God of course) was huge! I realize they probably weren't the most comfortable teaching. But they felt called. I'm glad they were obedient.
Now I thank God for my kid's teachers. Those who break down the Gospel so that a four year-old begins to understand. Wow! God doesn't call the qualified. He qualifies the called!

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