Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday Fodder

Friendship has always been a prayer for my life. I don't mean acquantainces or relationships we have that never seem to move from the shallow end of the pool into something a lot more dangerous. The relationships I think of include transparency, honesty, accountability, etc. These are people who laugh with you and cry with you. They know much about you and love you anyway. Most people believe those relationships to be few and far between.

I've even been told those relationships should be counted on one hand. They're that special. A few people mention their relationship with their spouse being this way. They're blessed. My wife and I have a great relationship. We share many things. However, I'm thinking of men challenging men to be spiritual leaders. Relationships that entail women challenging other women to provide spiritual nourishment for the home.

If God created us to encourage and challenge one another, shouldn't this deep relationship be a huge part of our lives? Is this something we should pray for?


Mike said...

I agree. This is something we need to talk about more. In a consumer society we tend to use people more than embrace them.

Deep friendships see us through the dark times and give us joy in the good days.

Cheryl Russell said...

I agree. Relationships are essential. Not only for spiritual growth, but for sharing the Good News. I don't know how we can impact people for Christ without being relationsip focused. It should be part of our DNA as disciples of Christ.

I am thankful to have this type of intimate and challenging relationship with Tim. I am also thankful that we both have brothers and sisters who challenge us to be servant leaders in the Kingdom and in our home.

Anonymous said...

good thoughts.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Amen, Mike. This is so uncommon among so many of us that we hardly know what we're missing.

Mike said...

I have a question, maybe the readers of this blog can answer. How do we cultivate deep relationships in our churches.

Cheryl Russell said...

Good question. I think first we have to see that it is essential and then we have to foster those relationships. There are lots of ways you can do this, but it really boils down to spending time together. Breaking bread together, playing Scrabble together, going to football games together, praying together, challenging each other, serving God together, etc.

I think these relationships can get even deeper when we make up our minds to seek out and share them with others.

Mike said...


You are right. I agree. But why is this so difficult to bring about? I have been in various leadership roles for a while now. I hear Christians say they want this, but it is hard to bring about.

I have my own ideas but I would like to read the thoughts of others.

The Other Mike said...

I'm with Cheryl. We try to get our people to do life with each other. I have to be intentional about going to football games, going hunting, and working alongside my brothers in service projects. Many times those things I participate in I don't particularly enjoy. However, the fellowship is what its about.

The Other Mike said...


Other than the usual busyness of life, could it be that "churched people" are some of the least transparent people in the world? At least we seem to be "guarded" many times.

It may be because we've been hurt in the past. Others have left the church entirely. We choose to stick around physically. But when it comes to being involved emotionally, socially, or in other ways, we're not willing to take the risk of being hurt again.

Just a thought. I'm interested in your perception.