Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday Fodder

Today, I'd really like to hear your thoughts on knowledge - particularly different types of knowledge. For example:

1. Is there a difference between head knowledge and heart knowledge?

2. Explain what it means to KNOW GOD, rather than KNOWING ABOUT GOD. Chances are, you've heard those cliches as I have and maybe even used them.

3. Can a historian "know" a person through a book or does one have to "do life" with someone else to gain knowledge?

4. What about pictures? Do they reveal who we are? Can I know someone else or myself through a picture?

5. What can I KNOW about someone or myself, by listening to life experiences of others (stories)?


Ted M. Gossard said...

1. As we use the terms, surely yes. The devils know of God (head), but don't know God (heart). We don't want that kind of faith.

2. Like knowing anyone else in a true way, you really need to meet them. We now see as looking in an imperfect mirror, then we will see face to face. But we still can begin to know God now in Jesus. But I believe the propositional is still important for us, because our faith is weak, and besides, much about God is revealed. But we need the Spirit to bring that home to us, and bring us home to that. And I hardly know what I'm talking of here, because our walk here is often shrouded in darkness.

3. If a book is well written and not a hagiography, I think one might get a true sense of a person, almost as if you had met them. But even if you meet them, you have to be around them for awhile before you begin to really get to know them.

4. Maybe so to some extent, though pictures can also be misleading. I may have a big smile as a cover-up. But I think there's a place in Proverbs that tells us that the face reveals the heart, and truth in that. Some people have a down-turned mouth because they are down on life, and I know what that's like, though that shows an incomplete perspective on life

5. Stories are big, because we so readily identify with them, or if we don't, they can arouse our curiosity. But I think most often, in some way hearing such a story from someone can help us relate to them as human beings, better. Stories must tell it as it is, for that to be true, of course.

Just my three cents worth! ha.

Anonymous said...

1. There is difference! However, he wants it all, so, either isn't all. Heart would be first, with all you heart...

2. Personal relationship, prayer! Love.

3. We know God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit through a book. But personal relationship is still required.

4. No, it helps, but still requires the relationship. I recently saw 4 photo of my mother. It was with her one sister and her brothers and each taken a year apart. She had a frown that she often had when irratated. I had a personal relationship, she didn't like photos.

5.Well, Well, more personal relationship.

Love Ya Brother
so says Mike

Crowm said...

Thanks for the response guys. Knowing God as Adam and Eve did prior to the Fall is something I think we all crave.

These are just some of the things floating around in my head.